Ford is always has the leading edge when it comes to technology used to create more efficient and powerful vehicles. The EcoBoost engine is all about smart performance. It offers better fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions all without sacrificing power and performance.

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The EcoBoost engine is truly state-of-the-art technology. A key contributor to EcoBoost fuel efficiency is the direct injection of gasoline. It delivers a cooler, denser fine mist of fuel directly into each cylinder for optimal performance and emissions. Unlike port-fuel-injection (PFI) engines that spray in the intake system, the direct-injection system puts the fuel exactly where it needs to be for combustion.

Thanks to numerous updates, such as cranked-up boost in the air-to-air intercooled turbocharger and twin independent variable camshaft timing (Ti-VCT), maximum torque is achieved. Better yet, 90% of the maximum torque can be reached at any RPM level, unlike other engines which require higher RPMs to attain higher torque.

These engines and vehicles are comparable to the power output and fuel efficiency of hybrid and diesel technologies. The EcoBoost engine is an affordable and versatile alternative, with Ford intending to use it many vehicles in the near future.
EcoBoost technology is available various Ford models, including 2014 Edge, 2014 Flex, 2014 Escape, 2014 Explorer, 2013 Focus ST, 2014 Fiesta, 2014 Fusion, 2014 Taurus, 2014 F-150, and 2014 F-150 Commercial models. Each and every one of these vehicles have been designed to deliver power and torque consistent with those of larger engines.

At Watkin Motors Ford we are proud of what Ford has done for the lineup and for the future of the automotive industry. The EcoBoost engine is a true feat and is extremely versatile for the Ford lineup. You will love what it does for your pocketbook and the future of our environment. Also, the competition doesn’t even come close. Visit your Vernon Ford Dealer - Watkin Motors Ford or contact Watkin Motors Ford for full details. Watkin Motors Ford - serving the Okanagan for life!