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Your new car can add a lot of things to your life: extra comfort, reliability, and new technology are just a few examples.

At Watkin Motors of Vernon, BC, we’ve noticed that new car ownership often adds another thing to our clients’ lives: simplicity. Many drivers report that their new car has made their lives on the road a lot simpler. Here are some of the reasons they’ve cited.

Your Saved Time Adds Up

Simplicity means cutting back on wasted time. Most of us want to get things done in a clear, straightforward way. New car ownership can help.

How long have you had your current car? If you’ve had it for a long time, you may be surprised at how much time you save once you buy a new one.

Think about all of the time you spend on your current car. For example, how much time do you spend getting fuel? What about repairs?

Many newer cars, especially Ford vehicles, have fuel-efficient engines and even hybrid options. You won’t have to spend as much time in gas stations, so you can get to where you’re going faster.

Plus, with a new car, you won’t spend as much time at the repair shop, either. As long as you keep up with your regular car maintenance, you can keep your new car in great shape for a long time.

Your New Car Will Probably Last Longer than Your Old One

At Watkin Motors, we understand that buying a new car can be overwhelming. We do everything we can to simplify the process for our clients.

That said, if you buy a new car now, you may not have to repeat the car shopping process for a long time.

The car manufacturing process gets more advanced every day. We also have access to better materials than we did even a few years ago. High-tech cruise control and braking features can mean less wear and tear.

As a result, cars last longer than they used to. As the original American car company, Ford is especially focused on improving and advancing car manufacturing.

Imagine having a car that serves you well for a decade or more. That may just be your reality after your next car purchase.

Better Safety Features Mean Less Road Anxiety

Anxiety can make life complicated. It makes you over-analyze your circumstances, and it generally gets in the way of things.

If you’re concerned about car safety, getting a new car may help lessen some of that road anxiety. That’s because car safety features have gotten better than ever.

Ford’s safety features can help you stay in the middle of your lane, maintain clear visibility, and even prevent collisions.

MyKey Can Help Your Teen Stay Safe on the Road

If you have a teen driver in your family, then you have another source of anxiety on your hands. Because teen drivers have less experience than most, they have a higher risk of getting into a car accident.

Thankfully, Ford has a system called MyKey that can help your teen stay safe on the road. MyKey lets you pre-program settings that encourage good driving habits. You can use it to enforce safety belt use and set limits on speed and music volume.

If simplifying your life includes simplifying driving lessons, then MyKey has what you need.

You Can Stay Connected with a Wifi Hotspot

Did you know that your car can become a wifi hotspot? For some travelers, available wifi is the key to simplicity. No matter where you go, you’ll always have a way to stay connected so that you can finish work assignments, communicate with people, and generally stay up-to-date.

Have you ever worried that you wouldn’t have a connection to finish an important project? That fear doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.

Remember, if you’re the driver, only use your hotspot for hands-free operations that let you keep your eyes on the road until you’re parked in a safe location.

Receive Amazon Packages to Your Car

Are you an Amazon Prime Member? In that case, Amazon and Ford have teamed up to make your life a little simpler. Now, you can have packages delivered straight to your car.

Key by Amazon is a new in-car delivery system. If you travel often, or if you forget something important from home, this feature can help you get exactly what you need when you need it.

Watkin Motors of Vernon, BC

Ready to add some simplicity to your life? Your new car can help. At Watkin Motors of Vernon, BC, we want to help you find the car that fits into your lifestyle. Take a look at our inventory to start researching your options, or contact us if you have any questions.
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